Why Every Driver Needs a Dash Cam

Technology is an amazing thing, and it keeps getting better all of the time. One technology that is of interest to drivers is the dashboard camera. Having one in your car or truck is a great idea for a number of reasons.

The best and perhaps most obvious reason to have a dash cam is for when an unfortunate accident occurs.

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Clean Up Your Car in A Matter of Minutes with These Tips

Don't have enough time to clean your car thoroughly? The following tips can make your car look and feel much cleaner in a matter of minutes.

First, discard empty bottles and pick up any litter that may be lying around your car. Then look for any loose items that are lying around. Throw them away if they are trash or put them in a bag to look more organized and clean.

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Carpooling to School Is Best When Planned

Summer is drawing to a close, and this means it is time to start thinking about how the kids will be arriving at their school campus. For many busy parents, carpools are the best answer. However, it is important to plan all the details in order to ensure that the kids get there safe and sound every day.

Get together with the other parents so that all the details can be planned. 

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Avoiding the Unspeakable with Back-Up Cameras

The unspeakable happens more than you think. For example, imagine if you were backing out of your driveway, and you ran over your friend's, neighbor's, or even you own toddler. This happens more than we realize, but back-up cameras in vehicles have been designed to avoid these scenarios.

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How to Keep Your Focus on the Road

Eliminating distractions behind the wheel allows for a safer driving experience. You can be distracted by anything from a talking passenger to a cell phone ringing in your purse. To reduce the odds that you are distracted, be sure to turn your phone off until you reach your destination.

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What's the Difference Between Towing and Payload Capacity

When you are in the market for a new truck, you will often see advertisements that tell you what the truck's towing capacity and payload capacity are. If you don't know a lot about trucks, you might not know the difference between the two. Understanding the difference is not complicated.

A truck's payload capacity is how much the truck can carry in the cab and in the truck bed. Always make sure not to exceed the payload capacity, or you will damage the suspension.

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Operate Your Mobile Phone Safely with Apple CarPlay

Not become distracted while in your vehicle is one of today's biggest safety concerns. Apple CarPlay allows you to operate your iPhone directly from your vehicle's built-in display screen. You can do virtually everything that your iPhone allows you to do, such as make calls, send and receive messages and much more, but in a much safer manner.

Just like your phone, you can ask questions and Siri voice control will answer. 

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Motor Oil - How Often Should it Be Changed?

Changing the oil on your vehicle is a relatively easy task yet one that confuses many owners. Motor oil is not as confusing as how often it should be done. Pay us a visit at Benson Alfa Romeo and speak to our certified technicians, and let them answer any questions you may have.

Every vehicle is different as far as recommended frequencies for oil changes. 

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A Few Quick Tips for Changing a Flat Tire

A flat tire is one of those things that you hope never happens to you. However, it happens sooner or later to everyone in the Greer area.

When you have the unfortunate experience, you should find a safe place to park. A good place is usually a well-lit parking lot. You always want to use a flat surface. Don’t ever attempt to change a flat tire on a hill.

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Towing Guide

Are you planning a big trip to the mountains or lake? You may want to consider a few things before attaching that trailer or boat to the back of your truck. Here are two things to avoid when hauling large objects on the road.

1. Practice makes perfect

You do well to practice in your driveway or an open parking lot if you have never hit the road with a trailer attached to your truck. 

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